Sandra Beccarelli

One Hundred Thousand Surfaces

This series forms part of an ongoing collection of paintings and mixed media works based on the quote by the American philosopher and poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson…                                                                                               

“We live amid surfaces and the true art of life is to skate well upon them”                                                                             

What makes up the surface? What conditions, history, experiences have contributed to what is eventually seen?  I am fascinated by the unseen or invisible; what lies beneath and ultimately what we choose to show.  Each “surface” rubs alongside or co-exists in the same spaces, each one unique and with their own story to tell.

The works in this collection reflect that feeling.  Each painting has gone through many changes; some have been drilled through, repaired and left scarred whilst others have revelled in their destruction and changes.  The materials used have reflected this breaking up and reforming: Multi coloured wall plugs, plaster bandages, metal structural fixings and foam filler have added to the textures and colour palette of more traditional materials such as oil paint and canvas.                                                                       

These co-existing surfaces and sub surfaces show a multitude possibilities, forms and energies.