Sandra Beccarelli

Particle Zoo

    A residency & exhibition at One Paved Court, London,  3 May- 2 June 2024

In particle physics, the term "Particle Zoo" is used colloquially to describe the extensive list of known subatomic particles.  These particles form the building blocks of the universe, existing as independent & unique entities with specific characteristics performing their individual function, yet existing within a structure that forms the wondrous world that we inhabit.   

I borrow the term "Particle Zoo" to hold together a vast body of artworks comprising a myriad different materials, processes and techniques yet sharing a commonality of movement and transformation.  Breaking boundaries within a fixed 'surface' or static image, the paintings, drawings, etchings, syringed and sewn works almost defy categorisation or a definitive conclusion.                                                                                                                                                     

I employ many processes , one of which is rolling a dice to bring about elements of randomness and chance.  During my residency at One Paved Court, a new body of work was initiated at the private view of "Particle Zoo", where visitors were invited to roll the dice, giving co-ordinates for a pre-drawn grid on a large canvas. The development of this painting and related paintings were visible to the public as I worked on them.  Completed works and collaborations between myself, sound artist, Daniel Birch and poet Agnieszka Studzinska were seen and performed at the closing event.  During  the residency  particle physicist Giovanni Rogers gave a talk linking similarities between art & science, and a brief introduction to his PHD research on "Dark Matter"