Sandra Beccarelli

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Contours of Feeling 1



"Contours of Feeling" is a body of work consisting of 8 large scale and 16 smaller drawings made by creating a system on my studio wall to enact movements across space.

These movements, normally occurring in nature, such as the movent of light across a vast landscape, or movements and ripples across the water's surface have a reasoning based on weather or natural "disturbances".

In the studio, my random "disturbances" have been informed by co-ordinates obtained by the roll of my dice on a gridded surface. These can be in the form of shapes, colours and marks.

By "tracing" over these marks with one hand and simultaneously transferring the resulting lines with the other onto a seperate sheet of paper, I have become a mediator between the left and right, thinking and feeling, structure and spontaneity.

My intention is to try to visualise the feeling of seeing, or the seeing of feeling distilled and stripped down to pure energy.

About the piece

Dimensions: 122cm x 152 cm

Materials: Graphite & fine liner on paper    

Year: 2011

This painting is available.

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